Product description

The Bee Sleeping mattress offers the best combination between the support and comfort.

This mattress is the result of years of research & development, combining the best materials to offer the best sleeping sensation.

Has in its composition, three different foam layer technologies. A superior high density support layer, combined with a high technology transition layer, with a reactive behaviour to body heat, promoting the necessary body stability and an individual support capacity. On top you will find a high quality viscoelastic foam, with a open-cell foam structure, promoting the air permeability, enhancing the cosiness and freshness, when necessary to ofer the best comfort sensation.

On the outside, a high quality cover with a fine texture and a high density fabric. This fine fabric has a anti-bacterial & anti-allergenic treatment and a freshness, to enhance the Comfort and cosiness of your sleep.

Product highlights

• The best combination between support to your body and comfort sensation

• Independent stability, creating a responsive and adaptive solution to support your body

• High density foams, with highly developed technologies, offering the necessary stability to your body and preventing back injuries

• Open cell foams, responsible for a breathable mattress, promoting its freshness and its cosiness

• Cover with anti-bacterial & anti-allergenic treatment

• Total freshness cover treatment to enhance the freshness of the mattress

• Total full open zipper, to give you the possibility to wash the cover, at your home, without losing its properties

the key


Ideal Comfort

The Bee Sleeping mattress offers the ideal comfort solution to promote the best sleeping sensation.

Health Safety & Well-Being

Due to a perfect balance between foam technologies, offers the ideal body support and stability,
preventing back and neck injuries.

Individual Stability & Support

High quality raw materials, specially designed to promote an individual stability and support to your body.

Care & Cleaning

In accordance with the OEKO-TEX standard 100, with special cover treatments such as, anti-bacterial
& anti-allergenic & enhanced freshness.

Cover with a unique ability of being home machine washable, offering a special care and hygiene.

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